Machining is a form of subtractive manufacturing utilizing sharp tools to physically remove material to achieve a desired geometry. Our custom CNC machining is carried out by automatic screw machines, CNC turning machines, and CNC machining centers.

We supply two categories of CNC machined parts:
(1) Parts machined from formed materials such as rod, sheet, and block.
(2) Parts machined after casting, forging, stamping, (metal) injection molding, and powered metals.

Send us prints and samples. We will meet your specifications and may offer alternatives processes to exceed your targets.

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Amos Industries has been producing quality components in Asia since 1999. Amos only works with foundries, machine shops and factories that have passed our quality standards. Amos develops long term relationships with their suppliers. As we work with these factories, we learn their strengths and capabilities so that we can be confident in their ability to make your parts.